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to her fonrier state, and the convulsions of the limbs gradually

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Second. Health boards can also recommend the enactment of

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article to which we may refer, is the fluid extract of colchicum seed and of

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Philip K, seventeen years old, while coasting on January 4th of

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Office hours : 10 to 11 a.m., i to 4 and 6.30 to 8 p.m.

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tion of commercial highways and literary and benevolent institutions — in

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wall. That this, however true as a rule, is not a rule without exception,

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in hand, genius oftentimes springing, like a fungus, from a degenerating

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Hopitaux, Dr. Hayem presented some excellent ideas in

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coccus on the chromaffin cells, and the fact that the

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is passed into the uterus, being protected from contact

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given in the ounce-to-ounce solution in peppermint water, of which the

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gonorrhea. A good urinary antiseptic during convalescence from typhoid and scarlet fever.

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which was small in amount and clotted, being preceded by sharp pain in the

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other hand, malignant strictures are found generally in males over forty

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Here, then, are two cases, both men of quite advanced age, in which

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most immediate consequence of an imprudent proceeding-, and had been in-

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small branch to supply the stapedius muscle. In the third part the nerve

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About four days after the freshet, several other members of the family

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in part, at least, to the abnormal or accentuated activity of the same

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Case 3. Mrs. R. ; aged, 52, housekeeper; widow, brunette,

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studies, attending lectures in the New York Medical College. This insti-

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four months the patient began to grow rapidly weak and to suffer much pain.

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The nose-piece, which is an appliance screwed to the lower end of the

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rence, and accidental contact with a wire which has fallen, and in which

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