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assume that the latter, at least, do come up from the stomach,

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appetite excited by the wants of the internal organism.

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on the Fourth (Dresden) Congress strongly recommends

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eral and soon die out ; — they will mock at our calamity, and re-

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hand, I make a deep incision from \ inch to f inch, entirely through the

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labour. The changes are due probably " to the diaphragmatic points of in-

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brought to liiiii from the insane asylum of Columbus, Ohio.

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cooperation of certain professional colleagues, in particular Dr.

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Pathological Institute of Gottingen. With an Intro-

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Dr. Weist says that when he applied the plaster dressing in

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steps were taken by the profession to put down this

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discoloration and hyperplasia of the epidermis, especially of

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J. GoTT8Tis,i:s (Zeitschrift fur Ohrenheilkunde, Band ix.) arranges the forms

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senile alterations, are probably due to distinct causes not yet

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child, for in the past, in those cases where the child

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tain foul-smelling organic matters. It is soluble in about thirty-

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They show that on landing cholera may break out in eight

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omania is periodic its victim has inherited a neurotic constitu-

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rhubarb eruption resembling a very severe pemphigus and

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ject of influenza and its complications, and much of it had been very

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sympathy and affection equal to those he gives out.

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prove ; and he regards it as the most healthful country

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Dr. C. Ewald, of Berlin, describes a method of washing out the

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the discomfort exists it is certain sooner or later to reappear. These cases

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as formerly, was the prinoipal mean employed. The general

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According to Rosenfeld: (1) an alkaUne reaction is not found in uncom-

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I. The food must contain the different elements in the propor-

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dues we are not going to have money enough to run on. I simply men-

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The first clear recognition of the nucleus was made by Robert

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