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Anasarca- I [ydrothoraz — ( lollapse of left lung — Bright's disease of
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abstinence. In many instances effective treatment is only practicable in in-
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Baron Larrey, Dupuytren, Malgaigne, Graafe, Lucitanus,
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the proposed legislation on the Subject of Asylums for the
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The treatment of inflammatory dysmenorrhcea includes three indications:—
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the death of the sufferer cuts off the evidence of insanity which a few more
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dose of one-fifth of a grain three times a day. The mercury was not
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left lung is solidified and in a state of red hepatization. The
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A Saturated Solution is when the liquid will dissolve no more of that
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generally thrust through the keyhole into the room to be disinfected,
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Properties. — A white, indistinctly crystalline powder,
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report of his first cases that gave me the courage to operate in my first
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en, H. W. Dachtler, Fedor Haenisch, C. W. Coon, P. M.
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Larj'ngeal complications are best treated by inhalations, of which
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perfect operative procedures in an era of brilliant surgery, the
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herent appendix situated behind the cecum, was removed.