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brown, finely pitted, hard ; embryo oily, with a curved

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cases of chronic catarrhal rhinitis cured in a few weeks by

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This theory, in reference to the treatment of consumption, was pre-

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5 . When taken constantly in very large doses dyspeptic

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September 22. — On admission presented all the signs of

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ward. Also in the Department of the North there was a case

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salvarsanized serum. His tired feeling was relieved and his disposition became

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of property in Canterbury and at Oxford. Evidence remains that they

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stuffs for typhoid patients, not only for the reason just given,

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large-sized, flat-topped papules conspicuously running along the line

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small quantity of very foetid purulent matter, of a greenish yellow

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not to be thought to require ordinarily the use of remedies, and in which

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the Pathology, Differential Diagnosis, and Treatment of Fibrous

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secrete fat at times. He had found free fat in the lymphatic spaces

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or recognising the forms of objects. Sometimes she perceives only a

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chlorine is 35.5 ; of bromine, 80 ; of phosphorus, 31, etc. ; that is,

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the sun's rays or an arc light, but when immersed in a sec-