treated for thirty-eight days by compression with the tour-

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by introducing into the circulation the blood of a pro-

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nine cases.^ In nearly all of the cases on record, the general sensibility of the

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the patient was extreme, and he underwent some rigorous disci-

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A displacement of the uterus, or a center of infection

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growth, oxygen requirements, temperature, behavior to

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ment of the liver (which was much thickened), and the lower

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I put him on the iodides, but without benefit. There were

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Boiiiiaire. Hydroc6phalie et oligoamnios; malforma-

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given to the patient. She gained tliirty pounds in weight ; her

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The injurious influence of the adhesions is simply demonstrated

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you would like some help with, or a question to ask, write us

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few instances have been recorded of its having been an impediment

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case be not cured, but appears to have become stationary, proceed

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with water and fatty matters. It is most diffusible and,

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and cocoa-nut milk as a purgative ; yet none of them have ever

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New Formations. — These should only be treated by inhalations when it

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information with precision, in contrast to recent writers like Julius Bassus, Miceratus,

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clinically this presents no real difficulties. But it should be stated here

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from this form of pneumonia, side by side with the cultures

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lake and Dr. Playfair, are all Obstetric Physicians, attached

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and kidney infection. The danger of ascending infection

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charged through the artificial anus; but the patient

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made of unyielding material, must be accommodated to the shape of the

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sions. — The nuclei of the tertian sporozoon are less numerous and

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Reichenhach preceded them ; and we hear more of " hypnotism," a revived

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under the direction of the government. The idea that

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in introducing a catheter. As you saw, I made the attempt first

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" Certain it is that the thermoraetric changes produced by this condition

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form, measly, erysipelatous rash, or as urticaria. A lichen-like exan-

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spots similar to grains of gunpowder ; in this state, however, they

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14. Do not move cows faster than a comfortable walk while on the way to place

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•energy required and the cost of heating are decreased

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citrat., spts. aether, nit., and tr. verat. virid.;

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tions can cease, or suffer the slightest derangement, while