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importance, and often also one of great difficulty.

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Prognosis. — ^Favorable, even in well-established instances, if brought

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of vendors’ services through fee schedules, must be revised if it is to

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salts is not in any way dependent on any physiological or vital activity

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"^ British Medical Journal. February 24. 1894, p. 430.

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infiltration, etc. There was no reduction of vision either

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as a substitute for amputation until nearly a century later.

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consumption. There has been much speculation as to the

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complication. The temperature of . the sickroom should be fixed at

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Kochs has introduced a new Tuberculin which seems well adapted

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The abdomen was natural. The pupils responded to light, and were equal in size.

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them that the aptitude for life or vitality resides. The really

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mobilization of the knee on the 15th, 16th, 20th, or 25th

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The conclusions at which I have arrived may be briefly

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bowels are usually confined. If ulceration takes place, it is

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An author tells us of a frontier camp where a one-eyed

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attending it, is serious in view of the liability to endocarditis which may lay