We regret, however, that they have been left to work their way without the

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and is surrounded, and in fact formed, by a mass of granulation-

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bers. It is essentially characterized by its minute size, measuring

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as those caused by myelitis. How is this to be explained. The persistence of the

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disease died out with the approach of winter, and reappeared with extreme

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respiratory failure, and whenever chloroform was administered it was there-

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here, and as high up as the groin, the tissues are enfeebled and oedematous.

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.lune *21 : More sequestra removed. Wassermann reaction found

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Diagrammatic Representation of the Nuclei of the Cranial Nerves

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patient after ten days of normal temperature was discharged well.

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downward ; but more commonly it was not reflected, but ascended to a higher

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mucus of horses. The common opinion is that this germ

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multiple cysts the diagnosis is comparatively easy.

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were excited by smelling a rose, would be called " rose

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tion is present, either in the occipital bone (which is most common), or

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firmative as his opinion, and conceives the carbonic acid itself

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alcohol solvent causes the fixation. In staining with Giemsa's stain, or haemotoxylin

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five drops of the ichthyo-sulphate of ammonium in a

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stituted for the corrosive sublimate. Later the mercurial inunctions

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only, or of a particular susceptibility, and not of the sensitizing sub-

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were landed out of transports on the Isle of Wight than could be con-

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hypnotics. — TherapeutiscJie Monatshefte, 1898, Heft 6, S. 316. —

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then described, and the appropriate treatment for each clearly

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tion to general practice he gave special attention to orthopedic

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menced with a mild, but cloudy and damp, atmosphere, which

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man of 39 presented the symptoms of chronic appendicitis, and

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newly born at the obstetrical clinic at Kiel which at first

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