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many buildings) are of no more value for putting out fire than a small coal-
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Sir George Truscott, ex-Lord Mayor of London, is a staunch
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tioner, excepting the homoeopathic members in the Province, in accordance with address in
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Price: Cloth, $1.50. Rebman Company, 1123 Broadway, New York.
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the Council. All fines paid to the Prosecutor upon convictions are to be used, as far as
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careful in pronouncing an opinion that because the radial and
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Dr. Campbell — That is principally a rule drawn up by the chairman of the committee ;
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interests of both the profession and the public at large ; and that Drs. Emory, Spence,
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those whoni he selects for experimental purposes, and whom he places in his sanatarium,"— J^o?/*nfi
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a registered medical practitioner, alleged to have been guilty of infamous and disgraceful
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chusetts Homoeopathic Hospital receives $5,000, the Avon House of Cam-
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The Society is trying an entirely new plan of meeting, hoping thereby to
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The foundation of modern hygiene is laid in the scientific investi-
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pendix dyspepsia we are forced to believe that the condition must hereafter
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Anatomical Diagnosis. — Increased density of calvarium, pachymeningitis
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Convulsions are controlled by sedatives, toxins eliminated
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is our present knowledge of the manifestations of the disease,
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ing saccharin. It has cost the public a good deal to learn that there is a
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auditory, tactile, olfactory, heat, cold, pain and temperature sensa-
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he came under^ observation over two months ago, and though now
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by the mental symptoms, the character and quantity of the food
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with those required at sea, that is, cleanliness and free ventilation
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its appearance. I was getting little or practically no pain in my
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surgeons' hands for the past twenty years, and lately Stewart's so-
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the quadriceps extensor tendon upon the leg. All sesamoid bones
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especially is discounted by the pain occasioned, the danger of in-
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plaques were found. Huebner sought to establish whether or not
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site side; fourth, the failure to cure; fifth, the risk of ectopic ges-
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Dr. Roome moved, seconded by Dr. Rogers, that the committee rise and report. Carried.
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members of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, and entitled to vote at the
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Whereas it is necessary and expedient that an annual fee be paid by each member of
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the patient's general condition, to better familiarize himself with
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siring a substitute for a longer or shorter period of time may obtain
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Medical College of Cleveland, an eminent gynaecologist and author of a well-
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pensary, Dr. Pollack expresses it as her unqualified opinion that, in
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