scars, with glistening red bases, which in the course of time become white
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Case I. — February 5, 1911. Gastric ulcer. C. G., female, aged sixty-
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arrive to a certain point, from which it never stirs; in this case,
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acid can be used in connection with the iodide to this end. Demulcent
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13. A Case of Mitral Obstruction ; Thrombosis of tlie Splenic
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of water (1007-1010), and is free from albumen ; it contains a
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physical grounds augment its temperature.^ This is true enough
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Experiment VI. — A tracing was taken of my own pulse
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volvement. The presence of fluid can readily l^e made out,
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have been reported to cause skeletal abnormalities. In the
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cough, mudb dyspnoea, and distressed look in his counte-
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mean of inhabited climates as to changeability should be
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tively slow, not maintaining its relation with the fever.
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Dr. McBurney's operation, because the sutures used to fasten in
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interesting case, write a report of it and sent it in and it will
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19, the Visiting Committee reported that it was expedient to
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semblance to, or largely partake of the character of the structures and
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sarcous that drops of serum were discharged, before I
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of bloody urine. No water liad been passed afterwards,
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mann with a strong 12mm. sound. It passed peculiarly freely into
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sons who have been in contact with others having diphtheria bacilli on
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