the cases of a more neglected and aggravated character than the

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general dilatation of the bronchi from hooping-cough or from capil-

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sion, that physical appearances in the nerve-tissue are fre-

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opinion that the following causes of illegitimacy, and indirectiy of

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record, chiefly in German literature, and it seems to bear the name with some

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diseases of the urinary organs, 1823, p. 376, relates a similar case. A

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of the state of science among the higher branches of the pro-

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Miles G. Hopkins, aetat. 7, of this town, was kicked by a horse May 12,

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Dr. Duncan's statistical papers ; Dr. Graily Hewitt, Dr. Byford,

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was evidently written some years ago, for at the commence-

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Agreeing with a great majority of his countrymen, Mr. Brett thinks that even

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filtration. Also, there is a slight linear infiltration

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stringhalt in the horse, a local affection^ has been looked on by some

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the softening of the organs was remarkable; 2d. The same relation is stated to

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smoker's cancer of the lip, cigar smoker's cancer of the I

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With regard to the signs of usefulness or hurtfulness in any

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offender, and the human carrier does his work largely, '

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by decomposing organic material in the sweat — fatty

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'among the trio of symptoms, is not as a rule so remarkable as

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room or cut ojff from communication with the world.

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coriander-seeds, turmeric ghee, all in definite proportions. What

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cells of the lining of the mouth as well as germs, and per-

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would have said that it opened widely into the aorta, but this appearance