ous to attempt to complete the operation, and left it in this situation to the

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severe cramps in the abdomen and the legs, incessant

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perate cases in both German and French medical liter-

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and therefore he did not think that measures directed to the elimination of

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would be the result, it is necessary immediately afterwards

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the evacuation of waste products, they stimulate the urinary

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plaster of Paris it used to be the custom to cover the pelvis and the

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phoretic. If the arm was not fully relieved by this

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iously saturated with Glyco-Thymoline (excess solution squeezed

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salicylic acid, in conjunction with the plans above mentioned.

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Unless the strength is supported by proper feeding we cannot expect

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carried into various fields of life, and in each criminal delin-

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tion as to his identity; the supposition being, that the

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one of these Sclavonians will transmute into the village

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already present, as while there may have been the formation of pus,

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From our " properly selected cases " we should cer-

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formed. Before anaesthetizing, everything should be

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females at about the thirty-seventh year, with, possibly, discoloration and adhe-

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lungs, etc. Once given the fact that certain changes in the

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placed on the carpeted floor for examination, I thought I

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fection of clothes, sanitary passports and the surved-

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nothing will save your patient, and also I believe that the disease

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tography, remarkable cases of disease attended by external

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(79%), hypotension (6 7%), orthostatic effects (2 2%). syncope (2.2%). cough (2.2%). chest pain (2.1%), and diarrhea

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localization of pain, tenderness and sense of resistance

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term, or of a classification, upon the human mind. The nitrate

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remained an interesting subject for investigation. Dr. Hall stimulated one of the nerves

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ment from the face to replenish with ether ; fourth, that

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anaesthetics. Owing to woman's inherent dislike of complicated

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due to tuberculosis, is easily explained : firstly, the caseously infiltrated

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prognosis worked out, while the treatment should fol-

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Spying a group of small boys, he said. I'll give j'ou a quarter to carry my bag

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ear, or inflamed throat, closing the Eustachian tubes. It

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serpents and insects have special glands furnishing secretions which cause

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granulations proceeding from the medullary substance of the fractured bone.

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large quantity of water flows from the opening, which

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tumors and cancers. Throughout the south thousands of progressive

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be felt on the affected side. May be very severe. Ordinary

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purpose of destroying the tubercle bacillus, though with more

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