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occurs within a few hours. If the pedicle is thick,

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of brain disease which will enable the reader to deter-

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There is some contraction of the gastrocnemii miscles, so

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cheerful and kindly. Many have perfect confidence in their recovery

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May be procured in Capsuled Bottles, 25s. or 44s. per dozen, Wholos;Uo of tho Agent-s Messrs. Raitl.ay and Sons : Sutton and Co. ; W. Edwards :

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size on both sides of the neck. Lungs normal. The nodes along the bronchi,

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order to relieve the thirst, and that is all. It is a little

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was established, and either as a result of this suppuration or the injury

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been subdued by depletion ; in that case, Dover's powders

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month, but more particularly in the first half; the atmosphere,

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bility to pyaemia. Nothing conclusive, however, was obtained

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Malaria is one of the most prevalent of all preventable diseases ; it is

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tuberculosis at Mt. Gilead, this state, on March 21. There were a

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bronchial tubes by the Distomum Westermannii, considerable

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matters ; and, therefore, I pass by minuter points of difference.

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were; oils and fats wiU jiass almost unchanged into the

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foreign substance into the trachea, and the attending

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the opinion that the terms ''atrophic" and "hj'pertrophic" are scarcely

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tion and pressing joint surfaces together at the same time.

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vorable to health. But the loss, though temporary, of radiant

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reading alike. All that is necessary for this experiment to

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Still-born child which had apparently been dead for two

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scope of the Branch's operations during the past year, and also

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bladder and bowel symptoms ; gradual Improvement ; recovery.

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The liver itself is rarely the seat of changes which attract attention.

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was very pale, cold, and almost pulseless, with more or less rigidity of

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was not very remarkal)le. Indeed, it was not so good

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