ceived eight puerperal patients from the city into his division,
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of the brachial artery just before its bifurcation. Examination of the
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externus. The second case was a 20 years old subject considered as a girl
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those employed in the researches under criticism, but maintains that the
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are quite uniform, and there is no tendency toward hour-glass
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connexion with Pfeiffer's bacillus is described in detail. It is observed in
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cardiac symptoms. Dyspnea stands first, beginning either with
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the free border. The temperature never rose above 100.6°. Death was
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were not marked, and usually consisted of a gradual decrease which
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and doctors'. Vol. I. Organs of movement.] Berlin, J. Springer, 1921,
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subsequent corrosion of the animal matter by means of antiformin.
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lary joint signs in the case just cited makes it possible that here may
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although the myocardium as a whole contracts vigorously. This suggests
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patient did not want to give up her point of view "because," as she said, "it forms an
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For the study of toxic encephalitis he has obtained material from three
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covered it in my examination. If this was the case, why did
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bacteria. Aerobes and anaerobes alone or associated were found in the
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acids from the middle of the fatty acid series. Those which contain fatty
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functions. In any case, the large amount of urobilin in the bile
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which should be performed with the greatest care, and certainty in know-
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twelve, twelve to eighteen, eighteen to twenty-four months and
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Limousin,. H. L'isolement des bacilles de Koch a partir des crachats tuber-
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bronchiectasis occurs, and their course will indicate that the cica-
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season, from cold nights and heavy frosts. In the former part
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Cruchet, R., Moutier, F., et Calmettes, A. Le pronostic de l'encephalo-
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pectoris (all men) is sixty to sixty-nine years, which is higher than
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times appears in a state of extreme tonic contraction, the bismuth, how-
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action than the less penetrating rays formerly used, or the actual dose given
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