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age. There was no history of syphilis. Menstruation

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"Applications in Diagnosis. — Typical cases of measles and of scar-

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secondary cancerous tumours form in the liver, before they

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The microscopic appearances are more characteristic than those visible

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legs, on right of outer thigh, on left of inner tliigh. Muscular

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The lesions sometimes closely resemble those of syphilis, with which

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blondness, hair curlincss and short stature combined in a certain

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by placing my hand on the back of the patient's wrist, thus replacing

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vaccinated. He reports another case in which the patient, after

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My first experiment was made with two black-and-tan setter dogs, who,

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I, Peridental membrane. U, Nerve tissue. EO, Endarteritis ob-

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tions are of some value when applied to the body and cloth-

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Diagnosis. — This is indicated in the account of the symptoms. The

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tliat any one should hesitate to perform it if the patient

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breast bone. This engorgement feels soft and pasty though firm,

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discoveries in electricity, which were first suggested by

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The daily quantity of the feces passed, other things being equal, is