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ful. It has been further recommended in the tixjatment of this disease,
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" continued fever," so termed in contradistinction to " inter-
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The transmission of nervous impulse is regarded as a propagation of
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be thrown open on every side, with the galleries and verandahs screen-
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District of the Paiish of Battei'sea. Applications aud testimonials to be
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the greater the extent of involvement, the slower will be
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rational and comforting sort, is given by Dr. T. Mitchell Prud-
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which, when it comes, every one will say, * How did
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may be removed. One patient stated that the main difference
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every one's bowels were at the mercy of the chemist's
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school, as she felt that the teacher and scholars had
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succession of parts to another in unabated violence; on the contrary
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tion with pioneer enterprises but in some countries
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pression of Prof. Chapman, of Philadelphia, vik.: "The Yan-
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Cheques, Express and P. 0, Orders to be made payable to
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A compress is now applied over the side of the hernia
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from 3 to 35 days while over 2 pounds, 4 ounces, 31%
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Hie effects of pericarditis depend greatly upon the degree of thick-
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to take up his attention, he eats and sleeps and lounges around for a few
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mechanism are the two main points ever to be kept in
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being preferable, as puncture may be followed by hemorrhage or per-
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inability to flex it, by heat, swelling, pain on pressure, and
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and wasted activities of a thousand kinds. The nations of the
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right to the title, or that they had or could confer it.
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so likely to divert attention from the true nature of the case, is the
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A LAWYER and a physician disputed about precedence and appealed to Diogenes.
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withdrawn in fragments from the bladder by these instruments, or
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10. Before operating, the susceptibility of the pa-
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11. Arsenic 10 gr., gentian and cascarilla, of each 3 dr.,