1914 b The nervus terminalis in adult man. Jour. Comp. Neur., vol.
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rated. Certain measures employed for this object, such as emetics, active
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paroxysms were at once interrupted in 79 per cent., and in only two cases
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Cases of p3\'Bmia in which a purulent effusion takes place into certain
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in the figure 6 and in the light part of the figure 5, which showed
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dent to the second form of lesion, namely, the fibroid, cirrhotic or con-
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stimulated were the sciatic, radial, median, ulnar, and saphenous.
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tion of cases, and it is probable that in many, if not in most, cases the
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All these granules were embedded in the evenly and lightly
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begins. On the other hand, paralyzed parts will not, of themselves, re-
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the s^-mptoms are naturall}' divided into general and local, tlie latter being
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Physiological and Chemical Researches on the Blood of the
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* The formula for the preparation of this remedy is as follows : Two ounces of
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are so small that in some series it is difficult to follow them even
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spongiosum, fully a sufficiency for that purpose. Now if this
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Causation — Diagnosis — Prognosis — Prevention — Treatment. Purpura Hemorrhagica.
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severe contusion, the consequence of which was gangrene, and
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No. 15297. The record shows a mental age of eight, which, as far
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passing through the caudal end of the inferior colliculus (corpora quadrigemina).
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Guild, and in the himian by Brookover, in the papers above
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lents of the ramus ophthalmicus trigemini of higher vertebrates
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prolonged. Let it be ascertained if, accompanying and succeeding the
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the disease the patient is said to have an attack or fit of gout. The
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plied, and cold applications made ; but suppuration tools, place,
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from their points of origin to the organs of sight and hearing. In most
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14 Left half of a transverse section from the above-mentioned guinea-pig
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directed to the attitude, the expression of countenance, the
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from an uneasy sensation in the teeth, which is in this way momentarily^
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founded on comparisons, which, to be worth any thing, would