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United States who use medical and pharmaceutical publications, including many new
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misunderstood by the young practitioner, and the only means adapted for its
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psychologist further explains the procedure and verbally emphasizes
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cream is entirely prevented by using a fresh sanitary raw product,
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vation of any medical attendant and were not included in the statis-
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rapid use of the instrument. The former used his own
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could be traced to the surface of the crus, but two or three minute
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shall be allowed to retire on the rate of half-pay to
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with abundant leucocytes, and often a greater or smaller number of red
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tirely prevented, by the esca]ie of urine during the intermediate periods, from
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A Clinical Lecture, delivered at the Long Island College Hospital.
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shape of a forefinger. It is distinctly curved or coiled
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Hypotension: Patients on Diuretic Therapy: Patients on diuretics and especially those in whom diuretic therapy was
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Significance of Presystolic Murmur. By Frank Donaldson, M.D.
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mules is said to point back to an early equine ancestor, and horses
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and thence through its divisions until it reaches a vessel too
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conviction for any such offence, before any Justice of
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placed in a most disagreeable j'l't^dicament on that account. A work of this
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"iH'Ir •'"I'-q;"; nv.iunrttt 1,1 ^u.uud-. Tiu- p,vwt,il ,ii ,,| -if,r 1. .. .u . .,]
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wliich instance local incision at least should be insisted upon.
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He argues by the process of exclusion that the malady
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of accommodation with atropin. This plan of treatment was brought before the
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improved. The first change manifest in the physical signs
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Immediately on his being made comfortable in bed, the following re-
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die in from one to two days. Consequently there will
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thematous blush quite perceptible, swallowing somewhat im-
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for, as he tells us, some of the chapters have been entirely re*
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The layers of the right broad ligament were separated and
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enced observer to differentiate thereby syphilitic disease. For a descrip-
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phthisis ; but if there be any doubt as to their nature
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treated iu mucli the same manner as outlined by Or.
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either by a slight rise or fall, or by a later irregularity. The stage of
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when laid at one end of a photographic film for twelve hours, had no
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witnessed, and only once in an accident where the deep jugular vein
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in perfect health ; it is of still greater benefit to those whose bodies
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H. K. Hitchcock, of Lewisham. Contrary to what might be inferred from the
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it became a dangerous ojieration ; but merely to cut out the
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cal uterus weighing 1,370 grams, and measuring 15 by
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the truth demands, it is thought by many that the iconoclasts are
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and other allections in the course of which purpura is liable to occur as
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English Customs levy 2d. per bottle for duty ; there is, more-
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dominal walls ; hot vaginal douches are sometimes help-
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the evolution of ordinary or neutral oxygen. But this in-