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^ It is jrcnerally stated that in typhus the fever terminates abruptly in a crisis. Ac-

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obtained reciprocal action between many choleraic and non-choleraic

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order. It is also said that a sense of weight and pain has been experi-

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The older surgeons, to enable them to guard against hemorrhage in


semi-monthly, 16 pages large 8vo., at two dollars per annum, edited by

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gauze must be cut exactly to cover the sore to avoid softening the edges.

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Another indication is to guard against the occurrence of local inflam-

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As a current of one ampere is never applied to patients in medical

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larger proportion than others, this is readily explained by the fact, that

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chapter (" Upon the part played by the fixed Cells in the Inflammatory

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fest signs or changes for some days, and then after a period of latency

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Avhich a large amount of attention is paid to diet, and feel that, in all

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substances, such as cocaine, which very distinctly paralyse the sensory

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wound on the bridge of the nose and scars on the forehead; also imper-

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administration the acute agony is very much mitigated, that the dis-

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tained blood, and the changes in colour are due to its alteration : it be-

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persistent, and the meningeal symptoms come on early. Influenza pre-

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until ultimatel}^ the structure of the tissue may be lost. Thus portions

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a year at least before giving up to despair, even if there be no apparent

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dislodging of the canula from the urethra. It will not be necessary to

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writers on medicine is doubtful, but Aretaeus speaks of /3ov/3(Lv€<; Xoifjua-

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peculiarities worthy of notice, are Gbrhersdorf in Silesia, i^aiA'en.stem in the

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also found in many secretions and excretions, for example, the saliva and

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free, and were also destitute. Not a single patient had been a servant

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pneumonia, a rare disease in the adult, is the common morbid change

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him to the hundredth time, rather than let him endure the pains of litho-

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of a certain part of the cortical motor area which surrounds the crucial

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and the remainder evaporates. An inflammatory zone — the line of

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In 1892 the native army numbered 145,340. There were 43 admis-

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Asterigera; on introducing bacteria under its ectoderm the mesodermal

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the specific requirements of each patient, and we give or we witlihold

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