through a series of rabbits, inoculated in the ear vein, and also from
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punished by fine or imprisonment. This merely changes the manner
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the canning room was dry and clean and in excellent sanitary condition. It was appar-
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No. 202. Born March 26; weaned and placed in clean pen May 24; killed
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iin'chanisiii is t\u\ liNcd on a plane that is hiirher than the noi'inal, so
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24. Lynch, F. W.; Boyton, R. E., and Kimball, A. C.:
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Saphir’s have a tendency to implant along the duct
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diseases for which cimdenmed at slaughter, fiscal year 1905-0 lo
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examination of the living animal. (See Plates I and II.) The law
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with water. Meat was stored on racks ; ceilings were wet, and drippings from the ceilings
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saw the foul and abominable premises in which the representatives of science, the repre-
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slaughtered, shall be marked by affixing to the ear or tail a metal tag as provided in
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American studbook certified by the Secretary of Agriculture at
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a deep blue and under the high power is seen to consist of granular nuclear
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ever, that we must .judsre l.y o1..ieetive and not hy sul.jeotivi phenomena
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♦ Absi in Centralbl. fiir allgem. Path, imd path. Anat.,
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,|,ou«l.t pra.ti.Mllv all of tlir Imu'Iht ,.nM-'s...H !>.•.,.>.' .lopon.ln..
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Eradication of cattle tick, plan for accomplishing 102
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XII. Study of the Widnl Reaction in 265 Cases of Typhoid Fever. By Norman
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private funds. The impoz’tant task of the official
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jin'sscd. I*"iiii(liinifiiliilly. tlicicfurc kcfosis in dinliotrs is duo 1o tli<'
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started flush with capital letters, which conforms to the
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D. C.; Dr. Everett I. Evans, Professor of Surgery, Medi-
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a large number of carcasses per hour. Unlike the old method of individual slaughter
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14. ♦Cbuveilhibb: "Trait6 d'anatomie pathol. g6n6r.*' Paris,
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the branches of the superior mesenteric vein from the transverse colon.
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is increased in width. The intertubular connective tissue is increased and
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gastrointestinal series showed no intrinsic lesion. On
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All the cultures of the bladder tumors were infected with bacteria.
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'•i-eatinine. 1| will he noted that the creatinine rinir is p.artly oxidized.
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and are only incidentally ns.'.l f..r the>ose of hrinfiin-.' a')..ut control
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ous that the investigator, attempting to trace the path of the infection,
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perpetuate their own life as more or less independent organisms when
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including gastrointestinal and spine roentgenograms
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I'l-e IS M mai-K.'.l .(.•)ir.'ssiii|i in tli.' respirat.iry
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representative groups, instructs the Officers and Council of
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no history of diabetes. It would be of interest, however, to have
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series shows the greatest variation without any apparent reason there-
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escaped were Barbara A, Harry A's sister, and Fritzie H. Barbara A
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The peptide is sometimes known as nxuprofric afid It becomes dis-