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8. The infufion, when allowed to ftand long, after having

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subsequent cicatrisation. The local symptoms vary greatly in

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whether the cut portions of dress are bloody, and whether the blood has been

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sulting from an excessive meat diet. The latter is one of the

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Dysentery. — This disease has prevailed to some extent in this vicin-

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To protect your patients, as well as their quality of life,

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they encroach upon the sides of the windpipe. The lumen of the trachea, as

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ration of the edges of the cranial bones is produced by

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that law is the homoeopathic, why do homoeopathic physicians

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and tliere were also a few tubercles in the pancreas. The other organs

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analgesia below the left angle of the mouth still persisted.

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pulse comes down to forty. Then give a quart of salt solution by

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history, state on admission, and progress under treatment.

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I ajjparatus for mingling a small quantity, say the onc-

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1905 f. — The presence of the Spirochseta of Schaudinn and Hoffmann in the

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on and above the glottis, is soft, tumid, friable, with ramified or

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gical means or principles can be called into play, or, in

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which sometimes occur in the endemic form of bronchocele. But it may

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indeed, in contrast, was the military casualty with

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and so indestructible as to defy, to the end, the utmost ef-

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symptoms are great emaciation and debility, diarrha'a, and colliqua-

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I have given some thought to this peculiarity of our profession, but

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â€Ēn at Bellevue Hospital, it was developed in connection with

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adding an equal volume of distilled water. The object of adding the

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Art. VI. — Practical Remarks upon Stricture of the Rectum,

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without an increase in the number of respirations. Dyspnoea

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from the sixth story of a building, sustaining a fracture of

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be prescribed in the same amounts. Many ondary scab forming in its place is not

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bathed in perspiration. This action of the drug he had no-

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walls of the chest, an oval opening being caused by

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organism b seem to have in their protoplasm certain inherent qualities

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wonderfully recuperative powers of time and nature. Hugging

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phatics after the accession of the swelling of the limb. In all

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and which is caiiable of forming spores when exposed to

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them are absent we say, not typhoid, but common continued fever,

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asserting that they suffered from sunstroke and per-

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tourniquet upon this (the most prominently enlarged vein) above, and

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synovitis, and it is during this stage that the most good can be done for

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and successful control of haemorrhage can save the woman, and

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and CII.), but could never satisfy myself that it had the slightest

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frequent rigor, alternating with flufhings in the face. Singul-

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the tibia and fibula are of assistance in the extention of