(Saturday 1715). Home again after a hard week. We had a 3 day exercise this week, where we were really pushed and stressed to the limit...and beyond!
We had constant tasks and exercises that we had to perform and practise. We learned how to ambush a convoy among other things. The exercise took place in a forest which is known for being very dark, even at day time! So you can only imagine what it's like at night. The place is also known by military personnell as Getting-lost-ville, since it's so hard to navigate in. The map that we were given doesn't match the landscape, so that just made things worse.
All in all we slept about 4 hours in all, in those 3 days. On Wednesday we were attacked by the 'enemy' at 0330, so we had to leave our area and move to the 'alternative coordiantes' that we were given.
All in all, it went well. Some of us sustained a few injuries and we all got many blisters on our feet. I injured my knee but it's healing nicely now.
I'm outta here for now, will write something later on perhaps.



(Thursday 1705). Done for today...exceprt studying of course!
This week we had 3 days with physical lessons with the military obstacle course among other things. It takes alot of energy and effort (and muscles) to do the whole course in reasonable time.
We also had about how to protect yourself from ABC attacks (Atomic, Biological, Chemical weapons). As part of a lesson, we went into a gas chamber with tear-gas and tested ourselves in getting the mask on (quickly!) and doing things in gas-attack conditions.
Otherwise we're well underway with our 'Leader' course which will basically take the rest of the 4 months on sergeant school. It's interesting to learn about tactics and strategies in war, but it can also get boring at times.
Next week we'll be starting on some First-aid courses and I have to teach in one of those lessons, so I better get prepared!
See you.



(Tuesday 1935). Another day over. Today we started off with an exam in ABC weapons. All went ok.
This Thursday we'll be visiting the RDAF flying school, here on the base. We're all rather excited about it. It's going to be good to meet our coming instructors and see the school facilities and the aircraft. We all need a bit of motivation at this time. This soldier business can get a bit too much at times.
Now I'm off to trash Jørgen in pool, and then it's off to studying and then I'll try to make it an early night.
So g'nite all.



(Thursday 1555). Just got back from our visit at the RDAF flying school. It was great to see the school and the aircraft. We were told about the course, what to expect and how things work. The statistics were made clear to us, and everyone is aware that only about 40% of us will make it through flying school. It's going to be ALOT of hard work and late nights with studying, but it's going to be worthwhile in the end, for those who make it anyway...
Everyone was in a good mood today, mainly because we had a rather easy program (for a change!) but also because of the visit to the flying school.
We will be judged and measured in every thing we do at the flying school. Every flight will be an exam. We are expected to go solo after 12 flights (7 flights for me due to my earlier flying/gliding experience.) So it's going to be a hard road ahead. The 4 main things that we'll be judged from are Knowledge, Skill, Attitude and Multi-capacity. It's going to be exciting!
But for now, we better concentrate on the soldier business and do our best there.
Catch u later...



(Friday 1720). Back home for the weekend.
We ended the week with an oriantation-race in the forest, made up of 17 posts and a total distance of about 6km. It was good fun! We were sent by a 3 minute interval in teams of 2. Bo and myself did very well indeed so we finished off with a big smile on our faces! It was good to see that we beat the guys who are in better physical shape than ourselves.
Next week we'll be spending Monday and Tuesday at the shooting range, using the M/62 Light Machine Gun. Don't get fooled by the word light. The bloody thing weighs in at over 11kg and it has 3 kg of extra equipment and the amount of rounds carried doubles the whole weight.
But anyway, let's see if we can hit anything with it. Yesterday, after our visit to the flying school, we all went out eating (and drinking!) until we all almost fell asleep at around 2300.
Oh well, now I'm going to relax and enjoy the weekend and charge up for the next week.
Take care...



(Thursday 0025). Getting late, and I'm off to bed soon. Friday is a public holiday and this week we also have Wednesday and Thursday off, due to the Air Force owing us some days off.
I just finished some homework that I had to do; An assignment in LSP (leadership, co-operation and psychology).
Today I also updated my website by writing about the RDAF pilot applicant tests, which can be found on the front page under 'Looking Back.'
The upcoming airshow at Karup AB is looking promising. So far we have 3 aerobatic teams confirmed: Frecce Tricolori, Patrouille Suisse and Team Aguila. Even more interesting is a Hungarian MiG29, Greek F16 and a Swedish Gripen. For more details check www.airshow2005.dk
Good night.



(Tuesday 1855). Long day today! We just got off and finished eating dinner.
Yesterday we started the week with a day at the shooting range with the LMG. We had to shoot from 200m, so it was twice as hard as we're used to. On Thursday we'll be spending another day with the LMG at the range, this time it'll be shooting for medals. I'll do my best and hopefully get silver in LMG shooting...
Today we kicked off with a couple of lessons in First Aid. In a couple of weeks time it's my turn to teach in First Aid. My lesson is about life-saving aid, shock symptoms and causes and external wounds.
We ended the day with a Group-leader lesson. I was assigned as group leader for our 9-man group. All went well and the instructor said that I had managed the mission very well, considering my experience as a group leader.
Now it' time to do some home work and relax a bit, if time permits...
See you later alligator.
BTW: Now we're allowed to take pictures at the base, so I'll probably buy a small digital cam, and will start shooting and uploading...I'll let you know as soon as it happens.
Stay in touch!



(Thursday 1915). Another week is almost over. We had a relatively short day today. Even though I have a load of reading for tomorrow, and then by the time I polish the boots and get things ready for the weekend, it'll be as late as it usually is before I head to bed. We have just spent an hour at the gym, pumping some iron, preparing for our goal. We try to train 2-3 times a week in our free time.
Tomorrow we get the results for the shooting that we had today, so we're all looking forward for that.
Unfortunately we had a bit of a tragedy this week. Our friend and collegue, Christian, is going to have to stop the course. His eye-sight has deteriorated above the allowed limit for military pilots. This means that we'll lose a great companion from our team. He will be missed indeed! I wish him best of luck in the future, whatever he might do, and I hope that he stays in touch with us. Hopefully he'll finish off the sergeant course and graduate with us, but this hasn't been decided yet. The only thing that's certain, is that he won't be joining us in flying school.
Sometimes I start wondering about what I would do if it had happened to me. I would be SO lost. So many things can stop you from acheiving this. The dream seems so close, yet so far away.