(Monday 0030) As you can see, I finally archieved the diary into months in order to make it more accesible. I hope that you like the idea. In the meanwhile you'll be able to read about happenings and updates right here where the 'old' diary was.
The original entries in this diary will remain here, of course, with the smileys and all that crap, just the way it was written.
Catch you later.



(Saturday 0935) It's been a while since I last wrote, so I guess it's about time to write something again.
I've started back at FFOS (soldier/sergeant school in the Air Force). My job is instructing recruits in these 4 subjects: Military behaviour, Weapons and shooting, Atomic- Biological- and Chemical warfare, and Communication by radios etc.
It's strange to suddenly be at the other end and giving orders instead of taking them. I'm part of the 4th platoon, which is made up of 30 recruits and 5 instructors, including myself.
As you might know there's going to be quite alot of flying activities over Denmark this year.
On the 11th of June we have the yearly airshow, this time at Skrydstrup AB, the home of the F16's.
Apart from that, a big exercise (TLP, Tactical Leadership Programme) will also be held here at the end of March and beginning of April, where many foreign aircraft will be based at Karup AB, so I should have good opportunities to take a picture or two. We'll be getting F16's from Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and USA. Apart from that we'll have Tornados from Germany and the UK, Harriers from Italy and UK and Mirage 2000 from France. I'll keep you updated and any pictures that I take will be uploaded in the picture gallery. That's it for now.
Have a nice weekend.
Best regards



(Wednesday 1715) The recruits have been here for a couple of weeks now, and they're getting good at their stuff. I'm also enjoying teaching, especially in ABC (Atomic, Biological and Chemical weapons) and learning alot at the same time. That's great considering that I'm going to be here until the end of May.
Otherwise it's rather boring in the evenings after work, when you've prepared for the next day's lessons, then there's not much to do here on the base, but that's no surprise, as I've been here over a year now.
That's it for now.



(Tuesday 1620) Yesterday we had the recruits at the shooting range for the first time, where they tried shooting with live rounds and got their weapons adjusted so they're ready for proper shooting.
Today was the start of a fire-fighting and rescue course which will take about 3 weeks in all.
In the mean time I got some more info about the TLP exercise that is to be held here in Karup. The aircraft will arrive on the 13th March and will start flying on the 15th and on to 6th of April, where they'll leave on the 7th. So far it seems that we'll be having F16's from Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, USA and Italy. Italian AV8 Harriers, German Tornados and French Mirage 2000's will also be present.
Now it's time to go take a shower. Tonight's plan is to go to Herning ice-hockey hall and watch them play against Nord-Sjślland. I've never been to an ice-hockey game before, but it seems as if it's going to be a good game, according to the experts, so I look forward.
By the way, I forgot to mention last time when we had the Flying-school ending ceremony, that I placed 4th from the whole team, and 3rd from the Air Force guys (out of 8/7 who made it), as one of the guys was from the Navy. I'm pleased with myself. Hopefully I've earned an F16, but only time will tell. At the moment they don't have enough mechanics on F16's, so the pilots don't get much flying.



(Saturday 2250) I got an email from a mission planner at 727 Sqn in Skrydstrup AB today. It's funny how things link up in life sometimes. As they say, it's a small world, and the guy seems to know all the guys who I know. Apart from that, he's an aircraft freak just like myself, so I'm sure that we'll have a good time taking pictures together in the future. I almost can't wait to the job training...only 3 months to go!
This week we finished the fire-fighting course with the recruits, and this coming week they'll be having a course in rescue. I hope that the weather won't be as cold as it's been lately, since most of the course takes part outdoors. Anyway, I think I'm off to bed now, as I'm getting tired.
Good night.