When I start the course in the Air Force next week, you will be able to read my diary online, right here. I will try to write in it as often as I can.
This has been a hard week with the final admission tests and detailed medical checks. Yesterday I spent the day at the hospital to get the Class 1 medical. All went ok, however I am still waiting for some results.
I got the offer of starting the course in 9 days, and I said YES of course
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It's a cold Sunday early afternoon, and I still can't believe that I'm starting the course in only 1 weeks time. This coming week will be a busy one to get everything ready to move and going to work at the same time. My life will be turned completely upside down, however I cannot wait to get on with it! Sara and myself had a talk about things this morning. I'm thankful that I have her; She has supported me all along and she has done just as much sacrifice as I have. So have my parents for that matter. Somehow I have a feeling that all this hard work will pay off in the end, and it'll all be worthwhile.
/Stephen, dancing my way around



1 day to go! And tomorrow will also be my last day as a civilian, hopefully for the next 20-25 years. It feels strange, the dream that I have dreamt all my life is so close now, and yet so far away. Will keep you updated.



Today I updated my website with some pictures (142 to be exact). At this time tomorrow, I'll be at Karup AB, working hard. Stay tuned!