(Wednesday 1055) I just delivered all of my books back to the school. It's strange in a way that flying school is over. It feels like I've been here all my life, yet as if we just started last week at the same time.
We'll be here at the flying school until everyone has flown his final check. Tonight we'll be visiting 726 Sqn (F16) at Aalborg air base which is about 1 hours drive from here. It's going to be great to see some jets.
After flying school, all sergeants (including myself) will be posted back to FFOS (Sergeant school) to have half a year of group-leader training, where we'll be teaching new recruits in how to become soldiers.
The two Lieutenants on the team will be posted to Skrydstrup AB on job training where they'll be on an F16 squadron and experience life as fighter pilot first hand. They'll help the pilots in practival duties and get a back-seat ride once every while...lucky bastards!
That's it for today. Flying is cancelled due to freezing fog and very bad visibility.



(Thursday 0955) We visited 726 Sqn yesterday and got briefed by a pilot, who also showed us some videos that they've made in the squadron. Unfortunately 726 will be disbanded in a couple of days, where the aircraft will be transferred to Skrydstrup AB. When it happens, all of the F16's will then be stationed at Skrydstrup, shared in 2 squadrons of 24 operational aircraft in each squadron. It's a shame that we won't have any F16 in Aalborg anymore. The pilots seemed to really enjoy life 'up North.'
That's it for now.



(Friday 1005) Just been to the base doctor and dentist for the yearly medical check for pilots. All went ok, so that's good.
Today we're wearing our nice blue uniforms as we have to take part in a parade. The flying school will be closed down as an indivdual unit and reopened as part of the new Karup Wing, which is part of the Air Force reforms.
On Monday, those of us who have passed their final check, will have to deliver their flight gear back to the school. So yesterday was the last day in our beloved flying suits. It will be a long time indeed before we slip into them again, but that's just the way it goes.
Have a nice weekend. I certainly will!



(Monday 1630) Just had a good game of indoor football with the guys. We had a rather uneventful day today. First we delivered our flight gear which includes flying suits, jackets, gloves, boots etc. Then we waited for the clouds to clear up. There weren't many clouds, however with these temperatures we know that there's icing in them, so we don't take any chances, even with only few clouds.
The parade went ok last Friday. It was a bit longer than we had expected but it was a new experience for most of us. Alot of speeches were held, also by the Air Force General among others.
Quite a few things will be happening tomorrow. 726 Squadron officially move from Aalborg to Skrydstrup. So after take-off they'll perform a formation flight over the base before they leave, then they'll tour Denmark before finally landing at their new home in Skrydstrup.
Over here in Karup, we have the Air Force's first EH101 Merlin helicopter arriving. It's planned for 3pm local time, so everyone's anxious to see it arriving after all the delay. The Air Force has ordered 14 of them, 12 of which will be delivered this year, and the last 2 next year at a rate of about 1 per month. I hope that they won't be needing too many young pilots on them...
That's it for today.



(Tuesday 1635) The Merlin arrived right on time. It did a couple of fly-bys escorted by a S61 and 2 Fennec helicopters. It was nice to be present at the event. I have uploaded a couple of pictures in the gallery if you want to take a look at our new machine.



(Saturday 1050) You never get tired of weekends.
As you've noticed, I haven't written anything since Tuesday. That's because not much has happened since then. I will stop the diary here and then archive it in months so that it's more accesible. Then I'll make an update list instead of a diray, where I'll be writing about website updates and interesting happenings that have to do with flying. I'll do that during the weekend or some time this coming week.
Just for the record, the diary has had 38100 hits during the time that I've been writing. I hope that you got a clear and realistic view of life in flying school.
Take care and thanks for your interest. If you're a person between 18 and 26 and dream of flying, then this is the time to do it. Once you turn 26, it's too late- so go for your dream, give it all you've got and hope for the best. Where there's a will, there's a way.
Best regards



(Sunday 1120) Last Thursday we had the final party at the flying school. Quite alot happened during the week actually. The last 4 final checks were flown. Two of them made it and two failed unfortunately.
So in the end, the statistics that we were shown, and we thought wouldn't be the case, were right after all.
Out of the 2 Navy pilots, 1 one made it through flying school. Out of the 16 Air Force pilots, only 7 made it, which is about 40%, just like the statistics.
Tomorrow we have a meeting at the Officer Academy all day, where we'll meet our class mates who will go to the academy with us from October and 2 years ahead. We'll also be given alot of practical information and will have the opportunity to ask questions.
On Tuesady I start back at sergeant school, where I'll be training new soldier recruits for the next 4 months, as they'll be doing their military service.
After those 4 months, we'll be moving down to Skrydstrup AB (the home of the F16's) for some job training in a squadron, where we'll be helping the pilots with mission planning, learning about tactical flying and hopefully get a few back-seat rides in the F16. Then it's on to Officer Academy in October as I've said.
Take care now.
Best regards
GEA, or shall I say Sergeant Galea for the next 4 months.