Yol. I. Edited by W. H. Hart, Esq., F.S.A. ; Membre cor-
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the moment he reproaches the crow, he banishes away (our friend had a
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appeared. On November 21, 1900, h^ had been called and
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culture of pneumococci was obtained from the blood. On the third
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and decidedly diminished during life by congestion k
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tion, eclampsia being more common in cases of twins.
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191: 215. — C'oronado (T. V.) La fiebre amarilla en los
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of flesh, fish, or fowl being absolutely prohibited. The results of this
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13. — Thomson reports a fatal case of chorea major
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cases of diphtheria with a forty per cent, solution of
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the period, by cauterization of the tlu'oat and removal
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found many j'oung parasites, many in process of multiplication, and
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ditions and will be given certain powers by the various provinces, so that I think we should
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pany every di.scussion of the medical side of gyna;coIogy.
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quently met with. Sciatica, often shifting, and my-
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There is another point on which I desire to explain myself.
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atomy, of which any land might be proud, and the work of Dr.
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Union, where a liberal law threw its protection over
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to accomplish it no means compares with the tampon.
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times one is dilated and the other contracted, the edge of the pupil being
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Bright's disease in animals and also some of the renal changes.
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above the glottis. I cut across the tongue behind the
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heads of patients suffering from long and wasting illnesses. But there
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partial right hemiplegia, ending in death. The urine was ex-
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and taken regularly. Six men were more or less affected with
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as far as I can ascertain. About two years since, I was consulted by an
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even when the mastoid region appears normal externally, for sometimes an
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be impractical by all careful observers, because of the impossibility of de-
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of a Richardson's apparatus for a breadth of 7 cm. The application was con-
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Books for reviews, and all communications relating to the columns of the journal, should be
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both shores of the Mediterranean, in Arabia, Persia,
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along the nose, was carried backwards, and then upwards to the base of the
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large part of the current nnujlier to an interesting account of