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Charcot) or lumbar regions, a knife cut, a contusion

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* See Study of Medicine, by John MasoaGood, M. D. F. R. S. vol.

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preparations of the phosphates, and milk of good quality, form the basis of

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secondary, into the lateral ventricle, which may spread to fill the opposite

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scribed bronchitis. A form of the disease is characterized by the exuda-

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and the cell transformed into a mass of fat. The destruction of

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stated that improvement in his vision had taken place, and soon

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he had .seen occurred in connection with, or as .sequehu

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colored substance. It lias a peculiar odor, and a bitter,

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Surgeon and Lecturer on Anatomy at St. Thomas's Hospital ; Hon. Fellow of King's

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and B, except that these organisms thrive better in the more alkaline reactions

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Dr. Lapthorn Smith, of Montreal, presented a paper on

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usually appears on the second or third day. The statement occa-

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or temporal region of infeuits affected with rickets.

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goes some alterations in its epithelium, simply in its suprasebaceous

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One step more, and out of the half true ideas which floated in his

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advantageous position, or when they are assisted in their action. Many

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The cutaneous functions present no points of importance for

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though the difference in date Uhe eighties as compared with the sixties)

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different degrees of the deformity or of the attendant

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nal degenerates (not criminal possibly because the oc-

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tions are indicated for this object. The powers of the system are to be sus-

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2. Creating a special sanitary offiee, wlii' h should pro-

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points that had been raised by the lawyer for the defence."

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and about three hours from the fall. I will make no positive

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remedy for ortbopnoea. Let the diet be attenuant, of easy diff'usion, and by all means not

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A very full paunch greatly increases the anterior convexity of

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1867 and 1871, there has been a gain among children less

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cases often gained greatly in weight. With regard to the tuberculin

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appear to be so diffusible, and Besredka was only able to

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the novice. At this moment the surgeon should be calm,

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under an abundant cloud of carbolic acid spray (1 to 100). Cer-

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conclusion is of marked import. The foregoing, which is recognized

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that the chief symptoms are headache, giddiness, and other subjective sensa-

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and needs care for detection if it be of the blind internal kind.

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* In this table the results of controls are omitted. Abbreviations same as in Table 1.