and the patient complains of great thirst, and heat in the epigastrium; to
sign of hypertrophy in the experiments of the past winter is as keen
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prevent the slightest movement. There was less difficulty in this respect than
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mortality, 6 per 1000 cases; in the Mediterranean commands, the ratio of
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been obtained he may but conjecture, and he may never know
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tures had given way, and that there was some disposition to slough. This
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The Ann Arbor typhoid death rate was given by Dr. Vaughan as 15
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Dyspnea is apparent even at rest from the movements of the alae nasi
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to displace its antagonist in a vast majority of cases. He attacked
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The colored plates in this article are reproductions of reactions
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generations, and the education of youth. To these are added an appendix, con-
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the last three years he had practically a constant cough, associated with
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100 children born in the months of December, January, and February, 66 died in
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of dilatation. The existence of dilatation favors the accumulation
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third quarter, tlie ratio of the former is 19, whilst that of the latter is only
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every evening hitherto, and had operated freely; it was ordered to be con-
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ed within its structure, as in follicular gastro-enterite. When first deprived of
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vascular thrombosis in association with bacterial infection. The
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cation and medical institutions, should have been at variance with the
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Fig. 1. — Photomicrograph of a section Flo. 2. — Photomicrograph of a section
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by the elastic recoil of the chest does not overcome the obstruction, so
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different from the normal gland that not one of the several eminent
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the other hand, for the females the mode in the cardiac, the uremic,
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but when placed, either primarily or consecutively, wholly within
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the respiration became freeer. The quantity of kieosote employed was one
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physiology of physics, chemistry and biology, and so on, with
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due to various complications need no discussion here.
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the profession and to the cause of humanity! This, in common with
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" Died, in Cockspur Street, Charing Cross, aged only 22, Mr. Charles
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the^ieriod termed the unhealthy season. It has also been observed that in
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frequently. Has occasional diarrhea. She has night sweats and continued
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Med. Jour., 1913, x, 428) reports on the intraspinous treatment of patients with
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health, but are seldom met with. They are confined, I believe, to
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groups E, F, G, and H represent Class II, namely, the "adenomas,"
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much importance is the circumstance of the cicatrix being much more solid
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and other remedies. Sometimes calomel appears to be serviceable,
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tion at the embouchure of rivers, and exposure to the influence of that com-
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In a few hours copious evacuations were produced, the sjinptoms of strangula-
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the functional disorders of the stomach, which are traced to the large
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cannot cure it. This presents itself to my mind too much in the
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THOMAS R. INGALLS, M. D. Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of
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2. Heimann, 8 1843. In an account of a typhoid epidemic in Moscow
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The figures speak for themselves and require little comment.
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depletion from the circulation. The patient improved immediately, and
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felt. Previous to exposing the brain to view, an opening was made through" the