The London Small-Pox Eimdemic. — It is now little
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amount of gas formed in the veins is immaterial ; but
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rience bilateral (simultaneous) affection is exceedingly rare in
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their son attended and in the high school in which their
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would be to permit the infant to die at birth, in order
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plemented with local or regional treatment with radium
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It is important to differentiate this disease from eczema, espe-
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by Dr. J. Allison Hodges, of Eichmond ; Abscess of the Liver
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them into two classes: the true Hunterian chancre, and others
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lower motor neuron, e.g., in the lenticular nuclei or the internal
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that the pustule was caused by the use of a new poma-
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is a rapid and increased flow of blood through the capillaries. This
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1875. This patient was a confirmed neurotic, and more than that, she
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previous to removal, is then arrested in its development, and, so far
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inoculation arises, however, in relation to clinical diagnosis. The
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prescriptions in smaller towns is usually Sr. If the Dur-
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vestigated an epidemic of scarlet fever in the Soldiers' and
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was well washed in repeated portions of water, in order to
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ordinary abscess. In size the abscesses range from that of a walnut to an
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this last surgical instrument — the bracelet of M.
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very thirsty yet, and also fancies he could eat some solid food. Tongue
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or understand a word of English, and was, besides, of so
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was as large as a hen's egg, oval, elongated in the direction of Poupart's liga-
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systems elsewhere has resulted in substantially improved
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due to the deepening of the cachexia or to one or more visceral
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The American E/ectro- therapeutic Association will hold its
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but a more general interest in and a more purely vital idea of
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Therapeutics. — In small doses a tonic and nervine ; in large
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This journal is deroted solely to the adTancement of medical science and the promotion of
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pain -for a few minutes, but by its sedative influence I was enabled
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fifth of the ordinary number. There were the same reasons for
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remote from the continuous water-roads of commerce, |
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It does not seem possible, however, to assign any limits of
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he now begins by exhibiting' half a drachm at once. One case is mentioned,
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244 Relations of Tetanus to Various Nervous Diseases.