sides. Death was preceded by a rise of temperature. There was softening of

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diphtheria sometimes occurs. Paralysis of individual muscles or muscle-

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anaemic, sections presenting fewer red points than the opposite hemis-

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persons in whom there is a suspicion as to their susceptibility to horse-

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Action and Uses. — Petrolatum is a valuable emollient.

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South America, which has a great resemblance to our own

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benefit, and the results recorded in the archives of the profes-

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chronic articular rheumatism, particularly the warm baths and the

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nosis of pulmonary tuberculosis. He spoke of the early stages

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ing of the St. Louis Exposition. Abbe concludes that those

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win Miles, of Boston, for two years ; A. L. Chase, ot

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fication of remedial agents are very great, and, for the present at least,

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three years, whereupon it was reclassified as "perpetual" and became a

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it. Erysipelas spreading, tending to vesicate, and accompanied

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to reach a tumour growing in the lower part of the larynx, which is not suffi-

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have come to this conclusion after much reflection, with great reluctance. The meet-'

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Second. Did the scrofulous, cheesy abscess of the testicle

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afford in determining the situation and extent of the

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albumin and a few casts were discovered. The patient also became

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lepers just as they appear now. In a picture, for in-

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supervisor who is responsible for all the grammar school work in the

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T., and report to the commanding officer of the latter post for

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Of the 4120 cases injected with antitoxin during the first three days,

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of the Respiratory Organs, Heart, and Kidneys," 1875 I

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De. Ralph Rr.iiKiwMnrN of Milwaukee: — ^I regret very much that I was

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cheerfully borne by the profession of our city, whom,

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all its parts, and that the joints correspond exactly

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is there any history except that they are dead. ... In this community any

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habit — or generally, of a meagre frame and pointed features ; the attacks

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relating to the mind will embrace, as far as possible, measures having refer-

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