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ent recognize at least three clinical types of leucomain poisoning, viz.:
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South Carolina. R. A. Kinlock; Tennessee, T. A. Ache-
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assumed the air of a morose and rigid preceptor, but
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is affected by infantile spinal paralysis through paths as yet un-
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nomena of contagion — and in the means employed to combat it."
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the University of Pennsylvania; Surgeon to the Howard
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case for a lucid account of the fatality. The patient, a muscular but pale
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1875.] Morton, Amputations at Pennsylvania Hospital. 317
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gauze, from caleramic cloth, using, however, iodoform
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and caustic; in the tfvrd. no remedy has been hitherto found.
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case would seem to point very clearly to a cause of death in the foetus that has
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of the objections frequently urged against its malarial origin is the fact
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health should never be produced by their use in cases of fever. If these
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the incisions were put together, and retained temporarily by a very few
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in the United States; the Army offers the largest system of comprehensive
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The above statements are generally verified only if the first ob-
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(4) the height of the trunk from the upper part of the manu-
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ment has been in vogue for a long time. The other symptoms
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perish surely if removed far from the equator. Animals differ greatly
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auto-infection. I have long held that view, and I read a paper before this
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exhaustion. The eye may have a brightness of teeming life or the false
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ture is usually raised after an initial depression ; a steady rise of temperature
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out of it very confused, and she was dull and nervous
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damage it does to the nervous system, is to prevent its ele-
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surface of the sac, in the wall of which the large uterine vessels may run,
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cough has had a peculiar barking tone ; and the pitch has been low, snow-
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state of the stomach, excitement of the brain, furred
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thing in all cases of cancer of the breast. In order to obtain
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It is not disagreeable to take, sustains the strength, and is well
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