A dressing room for females was detached and provided with lockers and lavatory, and
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embodied In all trade labels, except that until December 31, 1906,« the supply of trade
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active discussion which followed Dr. Kinsella’s inter-
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isolated. The committee saw no condemned carcasses being dragged through any part
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for the Inspection, humane treatment, and care of live stock and for fitting vessels
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merce, and brings the said transportation within the scope of the meat-inspection law
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der (inliii.iry eoiKlitidiis ^v..lll<l tlirow tlieiii into iuliiliilion. Sueli a
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one will believe me.” Upon examination, the patient
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cited above. It would lead too far to discuss aneurysm of the pul-
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Furacin Soluble Dressing containing 0.2 per cent Furacin. This preparation is indicated for topical application
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cational, but they gave an opportunity to petition State authorities
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Since palpation of the anorectum has been made a part of complete physical
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The accuracy and thoroughness of the work of these inspectors can be Judged when it is
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is because it does not shut out any light from the floor below.
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with blackleg at the time of injection, and those whose death has
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Industry) that the primary cause of hog cholera exists in the blood of
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step toward the establishment of Federal meat inspection by the
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This establishment was visited during the noon hour, and the killing of sheep and hogs
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frequently demonstrated proposition, another equally well-established
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or by the weight of milk or wool produced. This method, when skill-
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shipper that the meat or meat-food product has been denatured shall be forwarded by
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Section Just Behind the Posterior Corpora Quadngemina A ^rvy
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Louisiana. The meat-inspection work at New Orleans prevented
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Pastures on which infested ^heep have grazed will be free from
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cipiisumptinii |py till' tissiirs, litTaii^i' till' sii'.'ar that is aihlnl In the itmlal
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cells, as they are called, are characterized hy coiitainiiii; considerahle
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inches broad at its base, which was the ensiform cartilage, and two
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bone lying below the periosteum outside the ring of dense normal bony
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Fig. 21. Photomicrograph. Wilder stain for reticulum. Even
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Fracture of the major bones, extensive burns, abdominal
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the fuel value computed from the digestible nutrients in the case of
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remnval nl' the adiiiial ulands iii an animal siilTeriiiL'- I'rnm jiaiicreat |.-
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