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List of Lindsay & Blakiston generally preferred and most

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is twenty-five per 1000 births, the enteritis death-rate is twelve per 1000

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pared plans, and is so admirably adapted to the purposes

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he had had two absolute failures. In one the anaes-

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to food. A fact, established by the experience of all Europe and Asia,

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The germinal matter divides within the membrane, and forms a

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may be found in the same feces in which the eggs were observed, or

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abdominal muscles of corpulent women were unusually powerful, and the

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II Salicylic acid and other salicylates are also useful. See Buckler,

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ors is lifting out of the abdominal cavity. Owing to the defective

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features are all the more vividly recognized and fixed ?

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the Pharmacopoeia — 7s. 6d. for the large, and 5s. for

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tions of the Heart and Great Vessels — (by the way, why

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It is a good plan, on beginning, to bid the patient

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used. The analyses of expired air were made with the Haldane port-

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Pneumonia is an acute inflammation of the lung tissues which

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tic. ^Vhenever he was called to see a young child, com-

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of urea. This interest has been heightened by the appearance of

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is soft, we may dig out muscular tissue with sharp curette. In my judgment it

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I>o.<ie of loniputing the cash benefit, weekly waKos

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the distension has its seat in the aqueous chambers.

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applying the epithet illogical to the report by Dr.

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A fact of some statistical interest has been mentioned by Bouchet, to show

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cells as well as nerve-fibres may enter into its composition^ and we

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cost all of $50.00 a piece to bury the victims. This would make a

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the fundus oculi. Nowadays this tender inquiry after

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the nihilist who hurled it. Five supposed accomplices were hanged two days

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excellent surgical work which is being done with marked success

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abdomen. A hard fairly central swelling was felt rising out of the pelvis,

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tion would be little more than a removal of the appendages. If

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phthisis florida or galloping coihsumption. In this case, although the

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frequently repeated by others, but cases of severe pain referred