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alone, very probable,-* degree of caution which on similar occasions it will

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might be considered useful in certain cases of minor

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importance of intra— and extra-vesical lesions can best be determined by

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take hold of the fixing forceps, whilst the surgeon

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c. The large square head-eloth (capitium magnum quadrangulare)

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fession as a whole attending to their duties as citizens.

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patient should be encouraged to take daily amounts up to

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ache gradually subsided. She took seven drachms of ergotine

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the mess is swallowed, powder and infusion together. Lemonade

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from cultivation of fluids from the affected animals, as well

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found in the laboratory, using ethyl chlorid as the freezing agent.

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reflex, may continue difficult. The lungs may assume a pneumonitic,

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Experiments performed by myself upon healthy subjects

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fourthly, nearly all the Jledical evidence went to prove that

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brought about some amelioration, but not a cure, which

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important objective symptoms : first, the muscular wasting and general atrophy

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diastolic 160; on November 2, systolic 215, diastolic 140; on the 11th, systolic

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when the boy was ten years ol age, and involved the

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of fetid pus was discharged, and several bones of a foetal

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point, and fitted to a hypodermic syringe. The patient is.

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Flexner and Y organisms. The patient had been active

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his examiners, and heightens his respect for both ; and thirdly,

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which may go for several days with all of the most favorable symptoms that could

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Jacobi (Prof. A.) — Report on the Clinic for Diseases of Children 401

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tained the view that inflammation of the parenchyma plays the important

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south of Kamloops to the 49th parallel through the Okanagan

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Beside the above work; Gay and Morrison^^ working on rabbits

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the impure linen from the lying-in wards, and was kept together in closed cans

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is not the intensity but the character of the attack which is diagnostic.

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prepared list of Physicians, Dentists and Druggists, together

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or even that he treads on air. However great the loss of tactile sensibih'ty,

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Mladenovac. 9.30 a.m. : Visit from Dr. Elsie Inglis just arrived. 10 a.m. ;

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incurring the blame of a fault which is, in fact, chargeable only to his

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removing certain suspicious elements." The students greatly

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Myocarditis. This was found in 0.8 per cent. In this number

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real grit. The plucky races of mankind are determined

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established The use of anorectic agents by women who are or

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sions. Those were the points on which they would like to hear

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brane of the inner aspect of the labia was thickened,

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to this dangerous residual urine, to discuss its cause, and to