It is said, and the statement has been often repeated, that a petson was directed to
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the glands, has been described. Sufficient emphasis has, probably, not
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* Indicate distinctions which are not chartered component societies
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providing the necessary equipment for Field Service.
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Governor, Mrs. President, etc. ; pants, for trousers ; party
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they have been together in the same house or in the
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little volume with the detailed account of twenty-six cases, and
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47.8, 20.1 and 47.3 gm. respectively. Thus, from the same reasoning as
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testing the internal recti we must especially note their behavior in
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F. E. Harrison, M.D., AbbevUle, S. C, sa>rs: '»I have used Celerina in
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or where it is most highly organized and functionally suscep-
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Regi.stration Area was classified as "tuberculosis of the lungs." A. Newsholme gives
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exi)t)sine of the unsanitary condition of the sch«)ol-
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invested in securities has diminished by two-fifths. 2. The abuse
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enucleation of eyeball. Pacific Coast J. Uoinoeop.. Sau
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the loop without puncture and evacuation of the contents
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studying under the direction of a friendly priest. In
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tion or the ether itself might have furnished this. Altogether
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parts will heal by second intention, and do very well.
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An encysted calculus which has escaped the sound may
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not deterred from the rational application of proper remedies to the
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a character as would prompt the surgeon, in other parts of
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d. Blood. — A careful study of the blood was made
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opcmting on rojj^ion?, such ns the rtxillary ami subcluviaii, ■\vhoro
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Our problems then resolve themselves into the question of educa-
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des Bull, de Ja Soc. JJed. d' Emidation, 1822. See Duparque, p. 92.)
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typical features of a fibroma : white color, considerable solidity,
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examination should be made in such a way as to cause
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enlarged pancreas was made out. One week later all ten-
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This simple pleurisy is the rule in pneumonia, but occa-
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upon were compelled to breathe for several hours daily in a
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silenced and convinced opi>onents, and to have led
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cell membranes. The "colloid cells" are more granular and opaque, the
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suddenly fatal in character, that he compared its effects to that produced by