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mentioned the researches of Hans Vogt and Reach, who found that the

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subject has changed a great deal, even in England, within the past

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to exercise a lucrative art where there is no hope of

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In another group of cases the paralytic condition is probably due to

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nucleus, and within it the micro-nuclei;s (blepharoplast). It is an

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new cases were officially reported, and the deaths num-

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er quantity of caloric must escape in union with the vapour.

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lip, removing a little more than the lip itself. Malgaigne's

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stenosis just beyond the pylorus. Gastro-enterostomy

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circumstances, it is difficult to say. The same result has been

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round, nuclei of cartilage cells ; in another, a less appearance of

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re-acquired. Thus a surgeon used lysol for years with impunity ;

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bv post-mortem features, not confirmed by inoculation experiments.

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culty determine whether he shall have another card or not.

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in the same decennium a population of 4,496 chiliads, or 22.4%,

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question. We have, however, only to do with this matter in so

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3173,) the important parts of which are made of steel, so con-

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Adverse Reactions (See also Precautions): Commonly Observed— The more commonly ob-

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