edged that, during his daily trips to Leipzig, he not unfrequently
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from traumatic haemorrhages. They generally proceed from the nose :
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pain in the muscles, trembling of the extremities on motion ; the pa-
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The treatment of menorrhagia requires great attention to the origi-
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most writers agree that both are probably symptoms of some
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lucent tumours, but occasionally both a dermoid and a
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stated that no doubt many scrofulous children afterward become
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In discussing this question, I think we may, at this hour of
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leads to a development of the sarcolemma, and thus to the formation
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TREATMENT. We have already said that total disappearance of
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Hospital, London. London : Oxford University Press. 20s. net.
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20 years previously ; since then had had similar attacks, at
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the paralysis continued to advance, an infusion of arnica and camphor
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cavity which represented the nose being every where lined by a smooth
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must not limit ourselves to describing the processes which precede the
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a flap of scalp from around the periphery of the depression, and endeavoured
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there was another severe attack, and the jaundice reappeared
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In the following table, the cases have been divided into