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Iodine, Tincture of.— H., dr. 2-4 (cc. 8.-15.). D., m. 2-10 (cc. .12-.6).

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the expression of this feeling towards him by this class of our foreign

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spinal motor centres, and, in a less degree, the activity of

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distended that respiration became rapid and diflicult. Paracentesis

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tlie pubes. Here a loop of the suture was retained, and the needle

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The action of opium upon dogs differs from that upon man

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liver twice a week, or may be put on an occasional or exclu-

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" The nativity exhibits fifty-two Americans, three Germans, and two

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which accomplish the purpose, were it desirable, more effi-

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greenish, with two large oily, planoconvex cotyledons and a

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to suit her best, and with from thirty to forty drops of this she was

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mental dulness, indigestion, fetid breath, cutaneous anes-

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at the apex. All previous medicines were stopped, and the follow-

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digestive disorders and diarrhoea. The same qualities of

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the dose is gradually increased. Although given in increased doses,

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in a poisoned patient only would have the system itself to act against

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swers very well as an ophthalmostat. With these instruments, if

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crystalline glucoside, soluble in alcohol and water. There is

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chiefly used iu the preparation of mixtures and emulsions to

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Dose. — Same as hydrochlorate. 125 parts of morphine

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results as the solution of chlorinated soda. Chlorinated

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Inquiry— Drs. E. Cutter, Wobura ; Charles Jordan, South Reading ; and R. L. Hodgdon,

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sibility of feeling. Few patients go away from home, among strangers, to a hos-

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forms of diarrhoea and dysentery, opium is the remedy par