The body should be carefully dried and cocoa-butter then thoroughly

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a Scotchman, a grandson of Thomas Braidwood, who had a

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After the temperature has become normal profound prostration is apt

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system indicates hydriatric procedures. The pulse is usually rapid; the

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without liquor. When it is required, it should be given in


York Imperial. — A light-crimson apple, shaded with dark;

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whole nervous system is as yet hardly accurately explained. It was

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and employed at intervals of four hours. In the case referred to pre-

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There is decided improvement in the ventricular contraction, evi-

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of the pulse and lower arterial tension, we take the nitrites,

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(4) Unhygienic Influences. — Those who live under unfavorable sanitary

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tion by hydriatic cooling measures as in typhoid fever. . This empiri-

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As stated, the bacilli reach the kidneys with the blood-stream, producing

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wrong, such a fruit as apples, for example. If such be eaten

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nutritious (milk, eggs, rice, gruels, fresh vegetables, stewed fruit, etc.),

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be saved, it is wortli while, ))rovi<led movement is preserved. The

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elevation of the bodily temperature. It is a late-appearing develop-

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and have the best time. They live at the club usually, and

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start, or in cases arising in aged and previously enfeebled subjects. (4)

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delphia Medical Journal, in damp localities and in the pres-

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able when applied to the posterior portions of the lungs, the patient

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ing the ice baths and ice packs recommended and reiterated in our

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the head and shoulders, were suggested. The patient being well advanced into

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able chiefly to the forehead, temples, occiput, eyeballs, and root of

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stomach refuse to retain nourishment. In the comatose form the ner-

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doubtless always follow the doctor. Under modern methods

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There is one question yet probably not clearly settled. Is

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Mellitus — Glucose — Starches — Dextrose — Glycogenic Matter — Tubercu-

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