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Opium, in some of its forms, is always more or less available. Infu-

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Carbohydrates not only act as sources but in the systemic circulation. Already

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Constitutional Disturbances which Come with Chronic

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organisms could be demonstrated in the tissue taken from an

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While all this is true enough, it seems to us that the facts

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paralysis other than general tonics of bark and iron,

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influenza vaccination in high-risk patients, including those age 65 and older, is 60%.'

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however, it is the urethra that is attacked. In the male, the virus attacks the

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of the means of sanitary reform, urges upon ! Dr. R. D. Arnold, Savannah; Dr. H. G.

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manager, and database program based on the Basic Practice Guidelines for Diabetes

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Dr. Salisbury maintains that some diseases can be cured simply by

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of Stilling and the cards of Nagel. The former consists of squares

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he has the first symptoms of the disease. When these are well advanced

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15. Baginsky. Arch.f KinderheilTcunde, ix, 1, 1888.

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great violence, everything that it receives. At first, the matter vomited

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