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the full muscular power, that is, the power to fuse the
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istration of an alkali in suitable doses. Occasion-
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characteristic shock, called the sense of fluctuation. Sometimes this sensa-
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tension. hypotension, anorexia, constipation, visual disturbances, iodine
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are sloughing preparations in the market which, if used early,
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— In an article on eu-catharsia published in the Philadelphia Mediccd
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tract (pneumonia or severe bronchitis), and in some cases we have a gastrch-
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Peyer's glands extend five feet up. They are mostly
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brandy was given at longer intervals for two or three
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Such a treatment I shall never undertake, notwithstanding diflferent
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that of the gall-ducts, because, from the acute angle at which it opens,
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number of persons that must be treated in order to prevent
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clinical information cannot be given. No record of au-
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fers in this or in any other respect from vomiting sud-
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insane (diseases which it is admitted are in a large proportion
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The deductions to be drawn from the statistics are more