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chyma as to give a good foundation for the belief in the diminished
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1979 and continued his loyal concern thereafter. His works em-
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fairly under way. I am in favor of Kraske's and its modifications in
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Of the 33 cases in Series II (1901-4:) we may consider that 12
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dent to large numbers with little or no reference to the scholastic needs
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Her general condition was fair, but she complained of pain
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1 . Lieblich JM, Rogol AD, White BJ. et al: Syndrome of anosmia with hypogo-
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skin too much ; which heats and stimulates without exciting
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treated at all. The last patient was discharged from the hospital
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perpetually giving new colour, new feature, new expression
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of the corpuscles remains a problem — one of many
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cular muscular fibers of the arterioles, or the nerves
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the right nostril, and at about the same time it could be
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with rain water, or flour made into a paste with the same water, with the addition
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tor. An observer might soon have learnt to point out the individ-
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female part of human employment. Wo utterly deny that
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times, till the contents of the sac, pressed order of syphilitic and tuberculous origin
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These cases are selected because of their similarity in
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Protozoa generally have some power of movement by pseudo-
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1897, X, 164. [Discussion], 195.— Parvin (T.) Removal
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with a sore throat and painful deglutition. This being
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Leave of absence for one month, to take effect when his ser-
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differentiated by utilizing red blood cell counts and hemoglobin estima-
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Dr. Sayre presented a mamma removed for supposed scirrhous tumor
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the parts may be subjected, if necessary, to a stream of water.
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(i to 10), drop by drop until there is no further precipi-
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of cerebral malaria as a supplementary measure to intravenous injec-
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the brain by four large vessels, which here form the remarkable anasto-
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but rather probable, and therefore information among the medical pro-
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puhation of the aorta, and wlvl tvmors. Of the latter, those simulating a
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onset of symptoms. " I would not operate on a case where I was con-
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permanent pathological changes in the ear." He believes that the
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day or a little later there is left only a diffuse redness of the palate and
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The Propagation of the Filariae of the Blood Exclusively