specialist, he may be able to save the eye; whereas if the thing drifts on in

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of his intestine supplying the upper part, and when

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Misce : fiat pulvis. (To be dusted over the part affected.)

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futile until, with the lids forcibly raised, the object was carried

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chloride of quinine and the sulphate of atropine, and the experiments were made

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great haste to a lady about 35 years of age, living a

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>ed-clothes he found it beneath them, quite dead, its head covered completely

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of the throat was clean and had evidently been made by a sharp instrument)

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cerous exudation into various organs — Slight leucocythemia 506

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Secondary growths in the stomach from parts of the alimentary tract

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had been around a long time and had a vast wealth of

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phate of iron — used either in solution, or as a dry

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but at the time of operation every precaution was taken

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scarlatina without other evidence of uremia. Retinitis and

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Healthcare professionals dedicated to high quality care.

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before, and in whom, at death, a fresh ulcer was found next to the scar

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was occasionally delirious, the delirium not being of a violent

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report. Going back to 1807, he places before us a comparative view of

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without producing the slightest diminution in the amount of sugar.

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rules of the tropics ; although the disease is also prevalent among the

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are composed largely of lymphoid and plasma cells with more or less numerous

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from proliferation of preexisting bile ducts; but some of them undoubtedly

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affects the large intestine as its place of abode ; but the opposite

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about the size of a pigeon's egg, which contracts little

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pains in the breast and head, and loss of appetite ; later, local pain in the

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Similarly, by vascular spasm of those portions of the posterior columns

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exercise, the physician or nurse could send him out for a long

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betes mellitus, rather than the arbitrary treatment of the disease

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dairy, the cows of which were suffering from a disease

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a desire for food, went on to the full term and gave birth to a

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pears that the caretaker was the chief occupant. In 1889 Health Officer F. R.

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which this unfortunate man had slaked his thirst an hour be-

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"Carcinoma of the cervix reacts only with difficulty. Dom-

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The importance of attempting to close the wound, in

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