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hysteria, as does the abdomen — wind, or borborygmi are almost
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radius (forearm), three weeks ; for the ribs, about the same period : but
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too long ' is my rule for the use of remedies in scabies. The occurrence of red,
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forms the subject of his own special study are not necessarily
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After five or six days the fluid in the vesicles becomes turbid, the vesicle
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the cord. Perhaps, if the cord had passed between the centre
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rapid effusion that the danger to life is due. The respiration
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similar. The right side of the heart, the pulmonary artery,
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is the inoculating agent of malaria, on a second (healthy)
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are so simple, and yet concise, as to be interesting
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tin a recent article this author states that the use of a
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together of peritoneal sheets ; and it appears that adhesions tend
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of bronchitis the animal is dull, listless, sometimes semi-comatose;
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striking increases in the mononuclear elements, and because the blood-picture in
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sistent headache, disturbance of vision^ swelling of the feet, loss of
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know it may be confined to a lobule or occupy an entire lobe, constitut-
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Again, if the collapse were indeed owing to the drain upon the
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being markedly bloodstained. The placental site was covered with clots and
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satisfaction at the report, and, while reserving judgment, congratulated Dr.
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After four months steady treatment a marked improvement
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to the Constitution and By-Laws, and shall repoi*t to the As-
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urethral surgery of France: "The treatment f-hall be
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Our views as surgeons have been so largely made upon
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fests a severe malarial infection (numerous parasites on examination)
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excruciating pains in the larynx, which no drug could re-