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qualitative filter paper. Whatman No. 2 is satisfac-
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What bothers him most is that he finds that he tires much more
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avoided, and the results after tracheotomy are incomparably better than
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growth requirements, fermentation reactions, and serological
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The patient had been troubled with the passage of flatus and
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preliminary examination on the essentials of a common-school
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holds good also in our treatment of diseases of the eye and other
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in the pH of the growing culture, thus permitting more
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ulceration, and forthwith the instruments of torture are applied,
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to save a portion of the glycerine for rinsing the mor-
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flatness with bronchial breathing, increased voice sounds, and
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pervious ; in diabetic toxaemia, when the urine excretion becomes diminished, they
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e. Calculation. From the observed gas volume, 0.025 ml is
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Six years ago I treated a case of incipient Bright's disease, in
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reactions. The practice may be retained, however, as a
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touch or the voice that thrills one human being will be wholly
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tion is essentially a reducing process, and whether it is absolutely necessary or
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Clinic of Dr. B. B. Vincent Lyon, Assisted by Drs. Henry J. Bartle, Richard T.
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g. Dehydrated Media. Media in dry (powder) form are ob-
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it seems to increase the liability. Cases are on record where many attacks
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15. Parasite in the process of initial chromatin diversion.
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the data by the arbitrary date, June, 1914, at which time the
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after mild attacks of the primary disease. Occasionally the appearance
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windows at the bottoms of the plungers and cups and, if
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affections. As a matter of fact, it is well known to be strikingly
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use of freshly prepared, moist media. Basic media are
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Stir vigorously with the rod to insure immediate and
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thumb,' no recourse to a formula book, will avail for the proper
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entire thickness of the skin, into the cellular tissue, the subcutaneous tissue,
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represents the fraction of light (0.3 in the above example) trans-
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used, and should be clearly initialed by the responsible