â– diminution of the complaint during the past month as com-
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Mr. Campbell-Bannerman', in reply, explained that he was
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as a memorial to the late Professor A. W. Hofmann, the dis-
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after direct injury both of the liver and gall bladder have also
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Derby. In the thirty-two provincial towns the mean death-rate was
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all the duties with native troops. There .should be no possible fironnd Jor
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In this instance the incubation period was extremely short
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is specially dreaded as a consequence of vaccination is syphi-
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example. These are minor blemishes, and Mr. Brunner and
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$oec'al departiaents of the British Medical Journal are devoted vnll be
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deaths occurred in the seven days ending April 2ith.
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the case. He mentioned incidentally that he had only beetk
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the residue of her property, she leaves a moiety of her estate
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tioner before he became the Duke of Rutland's chaplain.
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croupous pneumonia as a zymotic disease, and this had
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Dr. PoRTBB showed a Malignant Growth, apparently origin-
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Central London Sick Asylum, Cleveland Street, 6..'!0 v m.
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in the latter isolation for a fortnight, followed by disinfection,
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Any qualified medical practitioner, not disqualified by any
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At present this is largely a matter of opinion ; different
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albuminoid condition of the liver and spleen, the left urtter
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the defects, and with a measure of success. The lesson was
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equal to an annual rate of 3.s per 1,000, which exceeded by 1.3 the mean
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J. BODRKE, G. Y. C. Hunter, B. R. Chatterton, C. B. Prall. C. E.