taken the medicine. A better method is to introduce a certain quantity

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mmj be eomadered icsoluUe, though h is said that one part is dhssolred

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quantity of food they take into it. Amongst European na-

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only one minute after the injection, the reduction was equally

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ureters, hepatic ducts, etc., and those of tetanus, do not yield readily to

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3. The Blow poisoning, according to Dr. Oorrigan, of Dublin, who has

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opium is most effectual when given by injection, or used as a suppository.

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they are probably sustained, in part at least, either by habits or by some

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ETappily, though the British process diflfers somewhat from our own, the

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Administration. The dose of the powdered root is from twenty to

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or sweat is increased. The fluid poured forth in this way,

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and larger than the coarsest cinnamon, either completely or partially

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patient, in confirmed phthisis, to be removed to Madeira ;

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are subject to acidity ; but we will find in this case that the

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Strychnia is usually procured from the bean of St. Ignatius, in conse-

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were uninfluenced, so far as we know, by each other's (1624-89).

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to that obtained from the root, which, therefore, should always be piv-

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out and covet luxuries. When he is clean, the object which

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studies at the wrong end ; for did they know and obey the

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In occasional attacks of apparently causeless mental depression, it

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This is made by adding muriatic acid, or a solution of chloride of so-

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enough, is now too heavy for her vertebral column to bear,

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the n umber of remedies to which it is applicable m limited. Many are

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and exhibits that suffering in one of the modes alluded to. The cerebral

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for special purposes. Of the remainder, though some of them may be

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a sedative in the sore- throat of scarlet fever. A mere difference in the

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river water which runs over a rocky bed. Water when cold,

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with snoring, in which there is ati entire loss of consciousness. When

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There is a condition of the latter affection in which it may be very ap-

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says " the flesh of the sucking calf is, in sweetness of odour,