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stomach. In many cases the villi of the small intestines are so
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mediately to its play. Examination of the thorax detects a loud mu-
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large part of the value of these drugs may be due to the base, as
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it; it was likewise corrugated, showing that there had been pericarditis
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We should advise our patients against wearing tight clothing, and
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for an act whicli is not, or might not he, essential to the carry-
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that Congress be earnestly urged through Senators and
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explanation of the attachment. The small bowel was drawn as
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Sciences has just lost one of its most eminent members, the
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and Warden of the College of St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
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entire first period by the grayish-white layer of epithelium, and only
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be most serviceable, and it often gave permanent relief. I usually
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sufficiently known as it ought to be. It was scouted by persons who had
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sion arrived at by Professor Stokes, and it is fully borne out by the
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came mouldy, and were spoiled for want of ventilation.
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On admission. — She was slightly jaundiced, the lower
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demonstrateil that the modification imprcssal upon light by the double
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becomes less yellow, then white, and finally consists of glairy mucus,
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This change is seen after the compensatory pause following premature ven-
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disgust occasioned by using too continuously the same kinds of food.
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appointment to see it by writing Box 647 in care of
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mud water; should it be an ear, or nose, or cheek, apply this water
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fever, produces early resolution, quiet respiration and prevents
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ties in Formosa, says the Tokio correspondent of "The
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return to the hospital he was in worse condition for the necessary
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to venous stasis and was carried on independently of the
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that if the patient contracts small-pox, he has it in a modified and mild