Virchow's Pathological Institute, as the dates of some
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expiration of his present leave of absence, to report
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high, with a tube in the top, will generally answer the purposes of a steam
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William O. CutlltFe, of New York, April 6, 1001 ; George B. Lawra-
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An instructive paper might be written on the subject
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teria, neurasthenia, melancholia, etc. It is, therefore,
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tration. I injected the serum, furnished by the Pas-
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J. B., Belwood, Ont.: Kelly, C. B., Guelph, Ont.; Kidd, G. C,
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tion of the pupils, or a belladonna rash shows that the patient
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tution in a masked or sub-acute form, and unmarked by any easily-
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4. Brain showing a Large Haemorrhage into the Cerebellum
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A few drops (two or three) of the same remedy, taken internally, will
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a complication of diseases. He went to Sands Point, Longlsland^
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of arrest seems to be greater in the cases in which the wasting is strictly
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and the subjective must both be patent to us. The old school ridi-
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may be found. Bothriocephalus liguloides has been found in a few
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tals unless it is certified that there are no available accom-
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pregnancy in a very severe case might require to be terminated ; but, as a
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backed on tlie other side with mull or undressed mnslin.
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palate usually commences to be inflamed, the uvula swells, and after
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may be given. Nothing excels a milk diet. Everything else should, as a
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its cells. Prolonged functional disturbance may cause an
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Hospitals. 5. Lying-in cases at the College Maternity.
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case must be treated on its merits, and in his opinion there
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13. FlickingerEG, Stanforth AC, Sinar DR, MacDonald
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possesses this evidence, can do no more than testify to apparent,
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matter or pus is discharged perhaps, accompanied with portions
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Digest till the sulphur is no longer acted on, and the liquid be-
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they must stand in the relation of cause and eifect. Dr. Barnes does not seem
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pleura, it is common for distinct tumours to form here and there in the
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and the extensor of the metacarpal bone of the thumb, for some unknown
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of temporary insufficiency which it is possible to relieve.
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costly and very bad drinks, and filthy sanitary arrangements
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was seen by Dr. Salzer, who found signs, he thought,