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(Dictionnaire de MMecine, et de Chirurgie V^t^rinaire, torn, iv, p. 263).

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navel-string be wrapped round the infant's neck and shoulders,

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bolus infusion technique. Lastly, abnormalities less than

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view to the points in the treatment which were common to all or a greater

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danger of the Infirmary becoming a lying-in hospital,

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a horse, mule, or even a dog, is not to be found in the place.

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proved that a definite quantity of spermatozoa, or of spermatic influence, is

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presented are interesting, I think, in connection with my

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5555221000. Developed quadruplegia, died soon after.

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into detail as to pathology and clinic in discussing the diseases

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of disease. Not long after birth digestive disturbances frequently

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guese Commission for the investigation of this disease^ reported that

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years ago. The investigations, moreover, which are being carried on

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food required is too great, but in cases of inactive intestinal

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digious, and like the Homeric simile of the wild boar

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Arrangements to allow 10 minutes for the presentation of i

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the site of the wound after an operation is done. Us-

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ing July, and during the last week in July never below 114.

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A solution of adrenalin chloride in the strength of 1 to 10,000

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Since salvarsan and neosalvarsan have been found to be practically

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mation. There is also a sense of constriction about the body;

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wliich influence had been suspended by the gravid uterus,

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ndheriiig to the colorless blood-corpuscles. An hour