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food. The heat also lowers their vitality, or power of resistance.

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objects of this Association are to promote social and friendly

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line of practice to adopt, not only as regards a suc-

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as it remains there. When it is going to be very windy the leech swims very

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tuberculosis of the upper part of the left lung and tuberculous pleurisy was

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Nevertheless there are some symptoms which, being common in

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the hue of the skin is not unfrequently sallow and even cyanotic. Not-

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The wall of the thorax is markedly thinned. The lateral deviation of

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Dr. Gkaily He-witt, in reply, said he was quite aware that

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To the Members of the American Roentgen Ray Society :

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Other Minor Affections. — There are other affections of the testi-

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Dr. Ferguson the house staff had been afraid to tap,

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On the receipt of an order to open a field hospital the following

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demyelinating diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Truncal